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What are the penalties for illegally carrying guns in Alabama?

There are many ways to legally carry firearms in Alabama; for example, if you’d like to carry a firearm on your person, you can apply for an Alabama Pistol Permit, which is also known as a Pistol License. However, it’s good to know what can happen if you carry illegally.

Concealed Carry

Alabama law does not allow a handgun to be carried in a concealed manner without a permit. If you’re caught doing so, you could be fined between $50 and $500. You could also get a six-month sentence that will include either jail time or hard labor.

Private Property

It’s also illegal to carry a handgun on private property that belongs to someone else; you can carry on your own land. There are two exceptions to this, however. First, you can carry if the landowner gives you permission. Second, you can carry with a concealed carry license.

If you do carry illegally on private property, you could be subjected to the sentencing laid out above.

Walking Canes

Shotgun and rifle walking canes are also illegal in Alabama. If you carry one of them, you could face a fine between $500 and $1,000. You could also see a jail term that cannot be under two years.

Teflon-Coated Handgun Rounds

Finally, it’s illegal to own Teflon-coated handgun rounds, whether they are made of brass or steel. If you are found carrying these rounds—or possessing them in any other fashion—you could face Class C felony charges.

Those who are facing such charges need to be aware of all of their legal defense options.

Source: State of Alabama: Office of the Attorney General, “Alabama’s Firearms and Weapons Law,” accessed Dec. 11, 2015