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What are some of the ammunition laws in Alabama?

Many people think of weapons charges as having to do with shotguns, pistols and rifles. There are many other weapons charges that are possible that have nothing to do with the actual firearms. Some of the possible charges have to do with the ammunition used in firearms. Knowing what is illegal in Alabama might help you avoid criminal charges.

Are there any teflon-coated ammunition types that are illegal?

Steel and brass teflon-coated handgun ammunition is illegal for a layperson to possess in the state. Law enforcement officers are allowed to have this type of ammunition. This law doesn’t apply to teflon-coated ammunition that is made of lead or brass if it expands on contact. If you are charged with having this type of ammunition, you will face a Class C felony.

What is necessary for a legal ammunition sale?

You must provide accurate information when you are purchasing ammunition. You can purchase ammunition in any state and bring it into Alabama as long as it is transported lawfully and is legal in the state. If there is any inaccurate information exchanged during the sale of the ammunition, the sale is considered illegal. If it is determined that you willfully and knowingly violated the law with false information or deception, you can face a Class C felony.

If you are facing weapons charges that pertain to ammunition, you can still end up with a felony conviction on your record if you are convicted. You should work hard on your defense strategy if you want a chance at avoiding being labeled as a felon for life.

Source: State of Alabama: Office of the Attorney General, “Alabama‚Äôs Firearms and Weapons Law,” accessed Feb. 05, 2016