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Violent crimes charges need to be addressed appropriately

Violent crime convictions carry very harsh penalties, both criminal and social, in Alabama. These convictions can mean that you aren’t eligible to hold certain jobs, live in certain places or use certain privileges that are part of the freedom of living in the United States. We know that violent crimes are sometimes the result of a moment of uncontrollable anger. We also know that you don’t want what happened in a moment of anger to affect the rest of your life.

We can help you to learn about the options that you have for dealing with all types of violent crimes. From exploring the possibility of a self-defense defense strategy to flat out denying your involvement in the incident, we can help you to learn which options are suitable for your case and which should be avoided.

As we go through the case against you, we have to consider the evidence. If there is evidence that can be refuted, we will work to find ways to refute that evidence in a way that can introduce elements of doubt into the prosecution’s case against you. Of course, that would be a strategy to use if the case goes to trial.

There are some criminal cases for violent crimes that don’t go to trial because of plea agreements. If a plea agreement is possible in your case, we work to discover what agreements would be possible. We take your desires into consideration when we negotiate plea agreements. We only accept the agreement if it is what you want to happen for your case. You are the one who has to make decisions regarding your defense.