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Two men charged in Alabama double homicide

On the morning of April 25, a seven-year old girl discovered the bodies of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend in her home near Avenue N and 57th Place, in Ensley. The mother was 27, and the boyfriend was 36.

According to a statement from the neighbor who first called police, he encountered the young girl as she came running from her home, crying and screaming, around 9:45 a.m. She told him that she woke up, searched for her mother, and found her covered in blood and seated in a chair. The other victim was found on the floor, also covered in blood. The neighbor said he contacted police when the girl told him that her mother would not respond to her.

Police arrived at the scene around 10 a.m. according to a lieutenant with Birmingham PD who confirmed that both victims suffered gunshot wounds and that the case would be investigated as a homicide. The lieutenant also stated that police had received tips about illegal activity taking place within the house, but he did not comment on whether or not those claims were being investigated in connection with the victims’ death.

A first suspect was taken into custody on May 1, and a second was arrested on May 15. They were both charged with two counts of capital murder and are currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail without bond.

If someone is charged with murder, a criminal defense attorney could help the accused by examining all of the evidence against them to determine the strength of the prosecution’s case. An attorney could then work on building a strong defense. Additionally, in murder cases where the crime was committed in connection with a criminal enterprise, a plea bargain could be an option for defendants who provide valuable information about others involved in those activities.

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