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Trusty status limited for man facing capital murder charges

A man who attained trusty status while awaiting trial recently had part of his status revoked following a public outcry after he volunteered to work at an Alabama Boys and Girls Club. According to officials, he is no longer permitted to leave the Henry County Jail; however, he will be allowed to serve as a trusty within the jail. A trusty is someone whose good behavior has earned him or her privileges in jail.

The man is in jail awaiting trial for capital murder charges in connection with an incident in which he and three others reportedly assaulted a man and then dropped him off at a medical center on May 3, 2012. The man succumbed to his injuries on May 17. The defendant alleged that he found the injured man and brought him to the hospital. After police completed their investigation, the defendant was charged with a capital offense. His trial date has been set for August in Abbeville at the Henry County Courthouse.

The charge of capital murder may be the most serious charge a person might face. In the state of Alabama, a prosecutor may seek the death penalty for someone convicted of capital murder. In order to avoid this most serious of consequences, a criminal defense attorney may advise a defendant to accept a plea bargain.

In that scenario, the attorney may negotiate with the prosecutor to take the death penalty off the table in exchange for a guilty plea. This may result in a long prison sentence, perhaps a life sentence, but it might spare the defendant’s life. If the defendant maintains his or her innocence and the defense possesses compelling evidence that may exonerate the defendant, it might be worth the risk to take the case to trial.

Source: Dothan Eagle, “Capital murder suspect serving as trusty“, July 09, 2014