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What knives are legal in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

There is often a fair amount of confusion when it comes to Alabama knife laws, with people making incorrect assumptions both about what is legal and what is illegal. It’s important to note that the laws do differ from one state to the next. Below are a few types of knives that are legal… Read More »

What are some of the ammunition laws in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Many people think of weapons charges as having to do with shotguns, pistols and rifles. There are many other weapons charges that are possible that have nothing to do with the actual firearms. Some of the possible charges have to do with the ammunition used in firearms. Knowing what is illegal in Alabama might… Read More »

Guns aren’t the only weapons that can lead to criminal charges

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Many people who think of weapons charges think about charges that have to do with handguns, rifles and shotguns. While firearms charges do comprise the majority of criminal weapons charges, there are other weapons that are also covered in Alabama laws. It is critical that you understand how other weapons are viewed in this… Read More »

What are the penalties for illegally carrying guns in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

There are many ways to legally carry firearms in Alabama; for example, if you’d like to carry a firearm on your person, you can apply for an Alabama Pistol Permit, which is also known as a Pistol License. However, it’s good to know what can happen if you carry illegally. Concealed Carry Alabama law… Read More »

Any violent or weapons-related charge needs a vigorous defense

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

In our last post, we discussed some of the laws and statistics pertaining to felons who are in possession of a firearm. That post brings up the important point of gun control and violent crimes. One of the reasons for Alabama gun control laws is to try and minimize the chance that a violent… Read More »

Felony firearm conviction statistics show interesting trends

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Anyone who has been convicted of a felony knows that their right to have firearms is jeopardized. In fact, most felons aren’t allowed to have any firearms under a federal law. A felon who is in possession of a firearm is said to have committed a 922(g) offense. The Northern District of Alabama has… Read More »

Alabama man convicted for illegally selling guns

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Many people may think that online transactions offer anonymity that can make it more difficult for police to find or prosecute them for crimes. However, in some instances, technology gives officer’s the electronic trail they need to figure out who is behind certain crimes. While the subject of gun crimes may not immediately coincide… Read More »