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Assault charges in Alabama

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

If you have been charged with assault in Alabama, the penalties you will face depend on the level of the offense charged. Assault charges can originate from a physical fight, incidents involving motor vehicles or incidents involving firearms. You may be facing anywhere from misdemeanor to major felony charges with the potential of jail… Read More »

Man allegedly involved in murders confesses

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

A man who was accused of killing three people in Alabama reportedly confessed to the crimes on July 22. According to the report, the 41-year-old man confessed to being involved in the murder of a a 67-year-old nightclub owner on July 21 and the murders of a 60-year-old man and 59-year-old woman. Investigators stated… Read More »

Trusty status limited for man facing capital murder charges

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

A man who attained trusty status while awaiting trial recently had part of his status revoked following a public outcry after he volunteered to work at an Alabama Boys and Girls Club. According to officials, he is no longer permitted to leave the Henry County Jail; however, he will be allowed to serve as… Read More »