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Help for Alabama Motorcycle Accident Victims

Around 2,000 motorcycle crashes happen in Alabama every year. Not surprisingly, over three-fourths of these motorcycle accidents result in injury to the rider, and about five percent end in death. The chances of serious injury or death in a motorcycle accident are far greater than a similar risk to an occupant of a motor vehicle. The Dothan personal injury attorneys at Smith & McGhee understand the difficulties motorcycle accident victims and their families face after the accident, often including a lengthy period of recovery and rehabilitation and a lifetime of additional costs and challenges. Our lawyers are experienced courtroom litigators who know what it takes to build and present a strong case for maximum compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in southeastern Alabama, trust Smith & McGhee to help you with your recovery.

Motorcyclists face challenges on the road… and in the courtroom

Motorcycle riders are at serious risk for severe injury or death in a motorcycle accident due to their exposure and lack of protection from being struck by a much heavier vehicle. Riders are often less visible on the road than larger vehicles, especially to drivers who are distracted by their cell phones or in-dash entertainment systems. What’s worse, many drivers simply do not respect motorcycles and their limitations and will crowd them or force them into dangerous situations.

The challenge for motorcycle riders continues when they get to court. Most people do not have personal experience riding motorcycles, and many are biased against motorcycles and riders. They think that motorcycles are inherently dangerous and unsafe, and that the average rider is a reckless or aggressive rider. It may be an uphill battle in court, but it is vital that juries be made to see the facts of the case as they truly are, including convincing them when the injured rider was riding safely but was struck by a negligent driver. In Alabama, if the jury thinks that the motorcyclist was in any way even partly responsible for causing the accident, the injured rider will not be able to recover a dime in court.

Follow these tips to maximize safe motorcycle riding and avoid a serious motorcycle accident

  • Keep your headlamp on, even in daylight hours
  • Wear protective and reflective clothing
  • Wear a DOT-approved helmet
  • Ride defensively; leave distance between yourself and other vehicles
  • Signal turns and lane changes well in advance

When Safe Riding Isn’t Enough, Call Smith McGhee for Help from Alabama Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, all the safe riding in the world cannot protect you from a negligent, reckless or aggressive driver who doesn’t see you or doesn’t respect your space and your right to share the road. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in southeastern Alabama, contact Smith & McGhee for a consultation with compassionate and dedicated Dothan motorcycle accident attorneys.

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