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Property Division Attorneys in Dothan, AL

Divorce is not simply a process that means you become separate from your spouse and move forward. It also involves financial elements. Judges have power to determine how property, including assets and debts, should be divided in order to achieve equality. It is of the utmost importance that you are represented by a lawyer with the capacity to overcome even the most complex divorce cases.

At Smith & McGhee, PC, we are armed with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to resolve uncontested and contested divorce cases. We examine the situation, develop a creative legal strategy and execute a plan that will likely achieve the most favorable outcome for our client. We are working on your team throughout the entire process.

Dividing Marital Assets In Divorce

Alabama is considered an equitable distribution state. This means that a judge has the power to make decisions on what he or she believes to be fair and equal. There are also a great number of considerations that the judge will take into consideration when determining property division. This includes the source and types of assets that you have, the length of the marriage, types of assets brought into the marriage and more.

Property division can also affect other financial parts of a divorce, including alimony and support. Our Dothan property division lawyers will work to make certain that your situation is represented fairly, and will resolve any complications as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Serving Ozark And Enterprise — Equitable Distribution Lawyers

If you have questions about property division or are seeking competent legal advice about the approach you should take during the divorce process, contact our firm by calling 334-702-1744.

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