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Assault Attorneys in Dothan, Alabama

In Alabama, physical assaults and other acts of aggression are taken very seriously by law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and judges, and the law deals harshly with offenders in many situations. Time in jail or prison is a reality for many people convicted of violent crimes.

If you have been accused of an assault or a similar offense, having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side is extremely important if you want to reach the best possible outcome. Contact us at 334-702-1744 for advice about your case.

Fighting for Your Rights Regardless of the Type of Charges

Whether you were charged in relation to a fight, an event involving a firearm or an automobile incident, the criminal defense attorneys of Smith & McGhee, PC, can develop a thorough defense strategy and fight strongly for your rights. We defend clients against criminal charges that include:

  • Misdemeanor assault or third-degree assault
  • Felony assault in the first or second degree
  • Menacing that involves deliberately creating the fear of harm
  • Reckless endangerment that involves the risk of injury to another person, and can include a firearm
  • Possession or use of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument
  • Vehicular assault that generally involves bodily injury caused by the driver of a vehicle
  • Juvenile delinquency or youthful offense
  • Murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide

Dothan Assault Defense Lawyers With Real Experience

Our lawyers have represented clients in hundreds of cases. We know how prosecutors and courts work, and we understand Alabama sentencing guidelines. We also understand law enforcement methods and procedures, and we can vigorously challenge law enforcement conduct and the prosecution’s evidence whenever appropriate. Contact us for confidential help with your case.

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