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Out on bail, Dothan man arrested on new drug charge

A Edgefield Road man already had legal problems before his arrest last week. Now the 40-year-old Dothan resident faces a new set of problems after his arrest on a charge of felony marijuana possession.

He was on bail from an arrest early last summer on a drug trafficking charge, law enforcement officials said.

During the recent arrest, police officers said they seized about a pound of marijuana. During the arrest last June, police said the man had been distributing 57 pounds of pot from a relative’s Randolph Street residence.

In the incident last Wednesday, police also confiscated $3,700 in cash from the man’s home.

A police spokesperson said the suspect was wearing an electronic monitoring device around his ankle during his arrest and during his alleged drug sale. The ankle device was apparently ordered as a bail condition following the 2013 trafficking arrest.

Police say he’s now being held without bail at Houston County Jail.

He had been free on $150,000 bail since mid-July of last year, officials said.

In the 2013 arrest, police said they seized 57 pounds of marijuana packaged in large bales. They estimated its street value at $150,000.

The stakes were high following the 2013 arrest and have now been increased by this latest arrest.

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Source: Dothan Eagle, “Man on bail for drug trafficking faces new charge,” Matt Elofson, Feb. 20, 2014