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Murder charges for Alabama man who killed man with violent record

A police spokesman in Birmingham, Alabama, described the details of the fatal shooting that occurred in the Marks Village housing projects near Interlaken Avenue and 64th Court Way South. A 21-year-old man allegedly shot his sister’s 29-year-old boyfriend during a heated argument. Several witnesses said no one tried to stop the men as their argument worsened. Then the younger man allegedly fired a gunshot into the boyfriend’s chest. He was pronounced dead after police officers arrived.

Charges of murder have since been announced against the 21-year-old man. His bond was set at $60,000, and he was detained within the Jefferson County Jail.

He had allegedly confronted his sister’s boyfriend after the couple had argued. The nature of the dispute was not specified by the police. The man he allegedly shot during the confrontation was known to be violent. Previous convictions for cocaine and first-degree assault were on his record. He also was awaiting trial on charges of attempting to elude police, kidnapping and first-degree assault. Those charges arose after he threatened a man driving him to a convenience store with a gun hoping to take his money and heroin. The driver had neither, and he was then forced into the trunk of his car by the assailant.

An attorney defending someone from a charge of murder similar to this story might choose to argue that the defendant had reason to believe his life was in danger because of the other man’s violent history. An attempt to negotiate with a prosecutor for a lower charge and lesser sentence might be another strategy used by a defense attorney. Such a defense might reduce possible prison time.

Source:, “Birmingham man charged with murder in fatal shooting of sister’s boyfriend,” Carol Robinson, Feb. 7, 2015