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Man in custody after murder, other gunshots investigated

A 25-year-old Alabama man is in custody and facing murder charges after turning himself over following an incident on Oct. 5. Shortly before 6:30 p.m. that day, another 25-year-old man was reportedly found lying in a yard in Millbrook with multiple gunshot wounds. The man was transported to a hospital in Montgomery and later died.

According to authorities, there had been incidents of violence between the two men before. While police were cleaning the crime scene where the man was found injured, shots and damage to homes and vehicles were reported around the residence.

Police say they believe the shots were fired as retaliation and are investigating them as well. They may charge the individual or individuals responsible with discharging a firearm into an unoccupied vehicle, discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling and attempted murder.

The individual who is facing murder charges may have a number of defense options available. Turning himself in may also signal the man’s desire to cooperate with the authorities, and that behavior may grant him some leniency during court proceedings. He may also agree to a plea deal in which he receives a lighter sentence, depending on the investigation.

Those facing similar charges may wish to argue that their actions were out of self-defense. If any witnesses were present, an attorney may be able to use their testimonies to the defense’s advantage. If the individuals involved had prior history or confrontations, other parties may also be able to vouch for their behavior as well.

Source:, “Millbrook police arrest murder suspect, investigate retaliation gunshots“, October 07, 2014