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Man charged with murder of mother in Alabama

On Aug. 2, a 27-year-old man in Alabama was arrested on suspicions of killing his mother. A 49-year-old woman was reported missing by relatives on Aug. 20. Police went to her residence two days later and arrested her son at approximately 11:45 p.m. Police claim the arrest was made based on the amount of biological evidence observed inside the home they shared. Authorities ruled her disappearance a homicide, although a body had still not been recovered yet.

Investigators say they learned from relatives that the relationship between the mother and son had been strained in recent weeks. The two were reportedly arguing over access to money and a vehicle. A body was discovered shortly after noon on Aug. 23 by a farmer searching for his missing cow nearby the intersection of Caroline Drive and Lakeshore Drive. The body was wrapped in a sheet, but police say they’d have to wait for an autopsy to determine if it was the 49-year-old woman.

The murder suspect is being detained in Elmore County Jail without bond. He may benefit from meeting with legal counsel as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to help protect the defendant’s rights to privacy and due process. Legal counsel may be able to negotiate for reduced charges or more leniency after examining the details and his account of the events.

Defense strategies often focus on exposing weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. The points of contention may be procedural in nature or theoretical. Criminal defense lawyers who can expose a significant degree of reasonable doubt within the prosecution’s assertions might be able to obtain an acquittal or lesser charges. In addition, legal counsel may obtain a dismissal or reduced sentence by identifying misconduct or violations in protocol.

Source:, “27-year-old Millbrook man charged with murder in mother’s death“, Jon Anderson, August 23, 2014