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Man allegedly involved in murders confesses

A man who was accused of killing three people in Alabama reportedly confessed to the crimes on July 22. According to the report, the 41-year-old man confessed to being involved in the murder of a a 67-year-old nightclub owner on July 21 and the murders of a 60-year-old man and 59-year-old woman.

Investigators stated that the murders occurred after the man allegedly tried to borrow money from all three deceased individuals. Once the murders took place, the man then left the state and, using a cellphone that was allegedly taken from the bar owner, attempted to purchase drugs from Panama City. The man also allegedly took the bar owner’s truck, which was then spotted on July 21 by a citizen who notified the authorities.

The man was taken into custody the morning of July 22. He reportedly had a number of firearms on his person. When he was interviewed, he allegedly confessed to being involved in all three murders. He was charged with homicide for each of the murders. During his court appearance on July 22, it was determined that he would be tried for each murder one at a time.

Those who are accused of murder face serious consequences if they are convicted on homicide charges. For example, they may face a lengthy prison sentence and probation period depending upon certain circumstances of the case. However, an attorney may be able to create a strong defense case for them, even if they allegedly confessed to being involved in the murder. For example, the attorney may be able to argue that the confession was made under duress, thereby arguing that the confession should not be used. Additionally, they may be able to provide evidence of a strong alibi showing that their client could not have been involved in the crime.

Source: The News Herald, “Police: Suspect confesses to killing Allen Johnson, 2 others”, Zack McDonald, July 22, 2014