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Man accused of drug trafficking outside Phish concert

On Aug. 1, a 33-year-old man was arrested outside of a Phish concert in Alabama for alleged drug trafficking. According to an Orange Beach police officer, authorities were informed earlier in the week that individuals were planning to sell controlled substances in the parking lot prior to the concert at The Wharf. When the day arrived, undercover officers were present at the scene to spot any drug crimes being committed.

While the agents were surveying the area, they allegedly noticed that the accused man had consumed an illegal drug in plain view. The officers then approached him and made an arrest. A search of the man’s backpack allegedly led police to find nearly 70 grams of cocaine and 7 ounces of a substance referred to as Marley marijuana. An undisclosed amount of LSD was also seized.

In addition to the drugs, police reportedly seized the Florida man’s vehicle, some scales and one-gram plastic bags along with $1,031 in cash. Although he was initially detained on $1 million bond, the man’s bond was reduced to $200,000 three days later. The man was reportedly eligible for a charge of drug trafficking and a $1 million bond due to the amount of cocaine that was found in his backpack.

A person who is facing the possibility of drug trafficking charges might want to enlist the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in a timely manner. In some cases, an attorney might advocate for a charge of drug trafficking to be reduced to simple possession. The defendant may have to plead guilty in exchange for a much less severe charge and a shorter prison sentence.

Source:, “Man arrested on drug charges at concert has bond reduced to $200,000“, August 04, 2014