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Life effects of a domestic violence conviction

When a person is accused of domestic violence and ends up facing criminal charges because of that accusation, there are some very important points that he or she must consider about how a conviction can affect him or her. Some people might falsely think that the effects end with the criminal punishments; however, that isn’t the case. There are several other aspects of life that can be affected by a domestic violence conviction.

If you have children, a domestic violence conviction can have an effect on the child custody arrangement. Generally, you won’t be able to be awarded primary custody if you are convicted of domestic violence. That can prove to be troublesome if something happens to the other parent because the children might end up in foster care.

Another aspect of your life that might be affected is your career. You will likely be unable to hold any professional licenses if you have been convicted of domestic violence. This includes licenses as a teacher, medical professional, commercial driver and a host of others. You might also lose your current job. There is an 80 percent chance that job loss will occur after a domestic violence conviction.

You might also have trouble obtaining loans and finding housing. Difficulty with loans can mean that you aren’t able to purchase a home and landlords shying away from renting to people with a domestic violence conviction can make it almost impossible to find suitable housing.

It is critical that you fight against these charges if you don’t want to have to deal with these issues. Don’t think that your case will just go away without any effort on your part.

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