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How to Stay on Top of Your Case After You Hire a Lawyer


At Smith & McGhee, when you hire us to represent your interests, we become your best advocate. Whether you are facing a personal injury, a divorce, an auto accident, we will be there by your side to listen, then guide you on how to navigate the legal system with an experienced Alabama attorney.

No one wants to be in court, but if you need to, we will be the strong, skilled legal voice for your concerns. We believe communication is the key to a good relationship resulting in the most positive outcome for your case. 

What You Need to Know to Help Manage Your Case

  • Be Honest – During our first conversation it’s very important that you are honest about the events as they unfolded.

Understand that the other side will be investigating the events that contributed to your case, so we want to avoid any surprises.

Only when we truly understand what happened can we outline for you the options you face legally. You can expect us to provide you with a step-by-step action plan for taking your case forward.

  • Help Us Help You – We may need you to gather evidence that is helpful in your case. Discovery is the process of uncovering evidence on both sides, and you may have some discovery in your possession. You need to take this seriously if we request important information from you.

  • Follow up Medically – This is very important. If you are truly injured, you will need to follow doctor’s orders and follow through on the medical management of your case.  Anyone who does not go to a doctor’s appointment will not appear to be taking his recovery very seriously.

  • Keep your records and documents – During the course of your injury, no one will expect you to remember everything. It’s important that you keep notes on what happened, when, who was present, and whatever you can recall.  These notes will be pivotal in crafting your case.  Keep your records, your medical evidence, and whatever you have in a secure place so we can refer to it. 

  • Since communication is the key – Please reply promptly when you can to our requests.  Sometimes filings are dependent on time and we will need to work together as a team to meet our deadlines. Any updates on your case should be forwarded to your contact person immediately, that includes medical updates, communications from the other side, evidence that has come to light – anything your lawyer may need to help build your case.

What We Can Provide to Help Manage Your Case

We will be transparent and will answer your questions about our experience with the law and how many cases we have handled in your area of concern.

We expect to answer your questions about how we are compensated including a contingency fee and expenses. 

We will provide you with a contact person so you can have regular communications and updates on your case.

You can expect us to provide you with an explanation of the law, how it reads and what generally happens in a courtroom or in a settlement. We understand you did not go to law school, so we will speak in understandable terms.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you do not understand something. If you’ve never been through a lawsuit before, this is all new to you. So, you are bound to have some questions along the way.

You can expect that we will place a priority on your case and that you will get a returned call by a professional within a reasonable time period.

Whether your case is an auto accident, trucking accident, workers’ compensation, railroad accident, nursing home abuse, social security disability, Smith & McGhee has extensive experience successfully handling these issues, and we will always strive to provide you with strong legal representation and the respect and attention you deserve.

Hiring an attorney can be a challenging task, but be assured, we strive to make the decision and the outcome the least stressful for you and your family. 

Please call our qualified and experienced Dothan Alabama attorneys so you can schedule a complimentary consultation at 334-377-1674.

We look forward to serving you!