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High-speed chase leads to man taken into custody

Alabama residents might be interested in what happened on the afternoon of Nov. 24. A high-speed chase started in Alabama and was concluded in Montgomery County, Mississippi, according to a U.S. Marshals Service inspector with the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force. The case had been referred by the Sheriff’s Office to the U.S. Marshals Service in Mobile after he allegedly left the jurisdiction of the sheriff’s department.

A 27-year-old man from Bay Minette was suspected of the recent robbery of the Lillian Pharmacy in Foley as well as another theft that allegedly occurred at Tangers Outlet where he worked. He was taken into custody at the end of the chase by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. He was transferred to Choctaw County and remains in the Choctaw County jail awaiting extradition to Baldwin County after the charges are resolved there.

According to a Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office representative, the man is also suspected of other robberies that were perpetrated in Escambia County in Florida as well as Escambia County in Alabama. He also stated that a first-degree robbery warrant had been issued by the sheriff’s department for the man after identification as someone who had entered the pharmacy in question waving a pistol. He then allegedly insisted that they give him all of the hydrocodone in the store, which totaled 1,700 pills.

When an individual is charged with a crime such as robbery or assault, they could be worried about how to defend their innocence based upon the seriousness of case. A criminal defense lawyer could help by challenging the evidence in the case and building a strong defense for the individual. Gathering of evidence and any eyewitness accounts could help. An attorney also could possibly negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor for a lesser sentence in some cases.

Source:, “Lillian pharmacy robbery suspect arrested after high-speed chase, armed robbery in Mississippi“, Marc D. Anderson, November 25, 2014