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Guns aren’t the only weapons that can lead to criminal charges

Many people who think of weapons charges think about charges that have to do with handguns, rifles and shotguns. While firearms charges do comprise the majority of criminal weapons charges, there are other weapons that are also covered in Alabama laws. It is critical that you understand how other weapons are viewed in this state.

Brass knuckles and slingshots are two types of weapons that are specifically discussed in Alabama law. Simply carrying these weapons or any similar weapons in a concealed manner is illegal in the state. If you are convicted of carrying a concealed slingshot, brass knuckles or similar weapons, you face up to six months in jail or hard labor for the county. You also face a fine of $50 to $500.

It is interesting to note that some pieces of jewelry have brass knuckles as the centerpiece. Some believe that if the brass knuckles are in plain view, they aren’t concealed. Those people might not consider these brass knuckles that are hanging from a chain on your neck as a concealed weapon. Still, there is always the chance that they might become hidden from view and be considered concealed.

Weapons charges of all sorts stem from the fact that weapons can cause serious bodily harm. If you are charged with a weapons crime because of brass knuckles, slingshots or any other weapons, you should make sure that you understand how state laws apply to your case. You should also work on getting together a defense that you can use to respond to the charges that were placed against you.

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