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Federal criminal cases require a strategic defense

Being charged with a criminal charge is difficult. When that charge is being placed on the federal level instead of the state level, the intensity of the case is upped considerably. The fact of the matter is that federal prosecutors are highly skilled, which makes them a formidable opponent in the courtroom. If you are facing federal charges, you need to get to work on planning a strategic defense.

We know that you are probably focused on the possible penalties of a conviction. It is important for you to understand the federal sentencing guidelines for the federal charges you face. In some cases, those guidelines will require minimum sentences be imposed. This can increase the worry associated with your case. We fully understand this; however, we know that it takes considerable time to address the points that are often components of a federal criminal case.

No matter what type of federal case you are facing in Alabama, we can help you to learn about the defense strategies that might be appropriate. We can help you to develop a strategy and build your defense. This means that we need to take each specific point in your case and find a way to address it.

If you are facing federal charges for any crime, including white collar crimes or violent crimes, we can help you to learn about the case the prosecution is using against you. We can help sort through the evidence to find points that can be challenged. From there, we work to develop a defense plan that takes your rights and your version of the events into account.