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Drinking and driving has serious penalties for underage people

If you are facing a DUI in Alabama and haven’t yet turned 21 years old, you are facing an underage DUI charge. This charge is very serious because of Alabama’s zero tolerance approach to drinking and driving for those who are underage. A conviction on a charge of underage DUI can have serious effects on your life, so you must take swift action to fight these charges.

There are several aspects of an underage DUI that we can look into to determine what defense options are possible. We know that you might have made a simple mistake that led to these charges. Even something as simple as a small amount of beer or wine can lead to an underage DUI charge if the alcohol shows up in your system. Drivers who aren’t 21 don’t have the benefit of the .08 percent blood alcohol concentration that adults have, so you can face charges no matter how little alcohol you consumed.

When you are facing an underage DUI, you are facing having your drivers’ license suspended. You are also facing fines, time in jail, a criminal record and insurance premium increases. All of those can follow you around for a long time. We know you don’t want to have to deal with life-long penalties for one simple mistake. We can help you learn about your options for fighting these charges.

Even if you are facing underage DUI charges, you still have rights as your case moves through the court system. We can help you to ensure those rights are respected throughout your case.