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Dothan man sought by police for alleged attempted murder

According to a recent issue of the Dothan Eagle, police are searching for a 34-year-old man regarding a shooting at a graduation party.

The head of the city’s criminal investigation division on the police force said officers are looking for the man who is to be charged with felony attempted murder in the case.

On May 23, bullets were shot into a crowd at an East Washington Street home where a graduation party was being held, police said. One man sustained critical injuries after being shot in the head, and another man was hurt when a shot hit his arm.

Three people have already been arrested for alleged involvement in the incident, including the 22-year-old cousin of the man police are currently seeking.

The cousin already has been charged with felony attempted homicide, the Eagle reports.

Two 23-year-olds were also charged in the matter. One of them went to trial earlier this month on a pair of felony homicide charges, but the jury instead found him guilty of felony first-degree assault and felony second-degree assault.

He faces sentencing early next year.

The Eagle reports that law enforcement officials believe the four suspects used handguns to fire into the crowd. One of the suspects allegedly used a pair of guns, shooting with both hands.

Another suspect is accused of also using an SKS rifle to fire.

Clearly, those who face these sorts of serious violent crime charges should speak with a criminal defense attorney about the evidence, the charges and possible penalties for conviction before speaking with a prosecutor.

Source: Dothan Eagle, “Man wanted on attempted murder charges,” Matt Elofson, Dec. 15, 2013