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Dothan man faces possible life in prison after felony arrests

Researchers say that the life expectancy of the average U.S. male is 76 years. If a 49-year-old Dothan man recently arrested on several serious felony charges is convicted, he could be expected to spend about 27 years in prison by serving a life sentence.

Law enforcement officials say the man has been charged with sexual assault and sodomy during the kidnapping of a juvenile. They say the alleged sex crimes took place during a burglary of a Mona Drive residence.

A statement from the Dothan police department said the offenses took place on Jan. 11.

“It was a burglary first-degree which is of an occupied residence while armed,” the spokesperson said.

A number of important details about the arrest and allegations were withheld by police from the public. Police declined to describe the weapon they claim the suspect used, or to identify the gender of the juvenile.

They say their investigation continues.

The suspect also lives on Mona Drive. He’s accused of four Class A felonies, including first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, first-degree burglary and first-degree kidnapping.

According to the Dothan Eagle, the man was being held in Houston County Jail on a $1.2 million bail.

If he’s convicted of all four accusations, he faces up to life in prison, though he could also be sentenced to serve between 10 and 99 years in an Alabama state prison, the article notes.

The man reportedly faces the possibility of an enhanced sentence because was convicted of felony first-degree burglary and two felony counts of second-degree burglary back in 1985.

He was reportedly released from prison in 2012 after serving a 25-year sentence.

It might well be tempting for some readers to assume that a suspect with a past is guilty as charged. We should all remember, however, that in many cases, police accuse an innocent person precisely because he has a past. We should also remember that in every case, every suspect has rights that must be protected by a criminal defense attorney.

Source: Dothan Eagle, “Dothan police make arrest in sexual-assault related burglary,” Matt Elofson, Jan. 23, 2014