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Don’t ignore marijuana charges – They can affect your entire life

Last week, we discussed some of the laws in Alabama that govern marijuana charges. We know that in light of the changes surrounding marijuana decriminalization around the country, some people in Alabama might be wondering about the laws here. The fact is that marijuana is still illegal here. The criminal charges and penalties haven’t changed in the state.

If you are facing marijuana charges, or any drug charges, you should take immediate action. You need to get started building your defense. You must think about how a conviction on the drug charges will affect your life. If an employer pulls your criminal history, a drug conviction might prevent you from being able to get the job. If a landlord pulls your criminal history, you might not be able to get the house or apartment.

Even marijuana charges that are misdemeanors can lead to those same issues. If you are currently working, you might get fired from your job if you have to miss work because of your arrest, time in jail or an incarceration sentence. Your family life might be affected, too.

We know that you might feel overwhelmed by the charges you are facing. Simply ignoring the charges might be tempting, but that isn’t the best course of action. Instead, we can work on your defense strategy. We can work on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected. Let us stand on your behalf as soon as you learn that you are facing charges. From the arrest through the final disposition of your case, we can help you with your defense.