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Domestic violence charges have unique points to consider

Domestic violence cases have penalties and consequences that can go far beyond having to spend time in prison or paying fines. These cases rock the core of a family in a way that other cases aren’t likely to do. If you are facing domestic violence charges, your defense is one possible way that you can keep your family together. We can help you determine which defense strategies you might be able to utilize in your case.

One factor that you might not realize is that a victim can’t simply decide to drop criminal charges. Only the prosecutor can make that decision. You might be wondering why that would be important in a domestic violence case. Think about the following scenario:

You and your spouse get into an argument and your spouse accuses you of domestic violence. However, the accusation is made in anger only to get back at you for the fight. That false accusation might stand even if your spouse later acknowledges that you didn’t actually assault her..

While that scenario is extreme, it does show how serious accusations of domestic violence are. A person who is ultimately convicted of domestic violence might soon find that things they took for granted aren’t still valid. One example would be the right to own a firearm. A person convicted of domestic violence might not be permitted to keep their guns.

It is fully understandable that you want to clear your name of the charges against you. We can help you fight those charges in a way that presents factual evidence to support your side.