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Criminal defense concerns don’t stop with sentencing

One Alabama man who was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder is facing new charges associated with his Internet activity. The man reportedly accessed several social media networks and conducted business online. This was against the rules of his confinement.

If you’re already serving life in prison, you might think that your criminal defense worries have come to an end. Why not make the best of the situation, then, despite the consequences? The answer is just that. There are still consequences that can occur if you are charged and convicted of additional crimes while you are in prison.

In this case, the man has not been convicted, but has been charged. He was reportedly charged with a felony count of cellphone possession, which is illegal for inmates, and a misdemeanor count for participating in a social media setting. At this time, the man has been moved to another prison. Transfer to a more strict facility is just one consequence you might face if you are convicted of additional crimes while in prison.

The man in question reportedly set up a Facebook page. He also created a GoFundMe account and a Periscope account. He used Periscope to create live stream videos asking for people to support him via the GoFundMe page. Reports are that the activity continued for several days before authorities became aware of it and had the social networks shut down the allegedly illegal accounts.

Just because you are facing a sentence following a conviction, that doesn’t mean that you should give up hope of making things better for yourself. You might be able to appeal your conviction. Even if you don’t, you should always understand charges against you and how to best deal with them — even if those charges come while you are in prison.

Source:, “Alabama man serving life sentence for murder caught live streaming from prison,” Erin Edgemon, Jan. 21, 2016