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Convicted murderer’s son faces capital murder charges

Facing charges for violent criminal actions is something that is difficult for anyone to handle. In these cases, the defendants must ensure that they understand their rights and their options for presenting a defense in the case. A recent arrest in Centreville, Alabama, is one that shows how important it is to understand the charges placed against you. This man is facing serious charges for alleged crimes against two women.

A man is facing criminal charges for capital murder and kidnapping in a case that involves his estranged girlfriend and her sister. The man allegedly killed the estranged girlfriend’s sister and kidnapped his estranged girlfriend. This man is the son of a man who was put to death in 2004 for a killing that occurred in Tuscaloosa County in 1977.

The man is accused of forcing the 30-year-old sister into his truck. He then shot her and drove away. The man’s estranged girlfriend is said to be unharmed. That woman had filed for a restraining order against the man around two months ago, but that restraining order was denied.

Police officials are looking for an accomplice who rented a hotel room for the 60-year-old man. That hotel room is where officials captured the man.

Anyone who is facing serious criminal charges like this man’s charges should make sure that he or she understands the possible penalties of a conviction. A conviction on charges such as murder and kidnapping mean significant times in prison. Even if the person would get out of prison, the conviction would likely make various aspects of life difficult.

Source:, “Alabama man wanted in slaying, abduction captured; woman OK,” July 22, 2015