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Carnival Ride Accidents - Contact Smith & McGhee

Amusement Park and Carnival Injuries: Common Injuries and Liability

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Amusement parks, carnivals, water parks, state fairs, and other entertainment facilities complete with rides and cotton candy are some of the most favorite things for children, and often their parents too. And while millions of children visit amusement parks and carnivals each year and leave with nothing but a sunburn and a sugar high,… Read More »

How do you hire the right attorney after a car accident? Contact Smith & McGhee

How Do I Hire an Attorney for My Alabama Auto Accident Injury Claim?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

If you have ever been involved in a car accident in Alabama, you may have many questions running through your mind: will my car recover from this accident? Who will pay for the damages and my medical bills? Who is liable for what happened? Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident can be… Read More »

Distracted drivers cause accidents in Alabama - Smith McGhee

Distracted Driving in Alabama

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, you may have noticed the other driver focused on other things, such as applying lipstick or searching for something in their car. Especially in the age of the cell phone, distracted driving has become more commonplace across the country within recent years…. Read More »

Can Child Support Be Adjusted in Alabama

Can Child Support Be Adjusted in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Divorcing parents work hard to reduce the impact that this life change has on their children. Moms and dads do whatever it takes to make sure their children’s lives remain as normal as possible. Most non-custodial parents treat regular child support payments as an essential of parenting. A 2012 report showed over $24 billion was paid… Read More »

Dothan Automobile Accident Attorney

Mental and Emotional Trauma Suffered After a Car Accident

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Car accidents are frightening and victims can relive that fright over and over again. The mental and emotional effects may hide for months or even years. Gradually, the aftermath of a car collision can make it hard for them to function within their family, make it difficult to effectively do their job and could… Read More »

Dothan Criminal Law Attorney

Spring Break Legal Troubles

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

At the law offices of Smith & McGhee, P.C., our attorneys know that spring break is one of those blessed times of the year for colleges students in the southeast and gulf states. Those who attend school in Alabama often take advantage of the proximity to beaches in the state and surrounding states, namely… Read More »

Dothan Auto Accident Firm - Smith McGhee

Do I Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

For those who drive in Alabama, maintaining car insurance isn’t just compliance with the law, it also protects you in the event that you’re in a car accident.  If you cause an accident, your liability insurance pays for damages sustained by those in the other car, so that you don’t have to cover these expenses… Read More »

Coping with divorce during the holidays - Dothan Divorce Attorneys

Coping with Divorce During the Holidays

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Statistics show that more people file for divorce after the holidays than any other time of year, indicating that during the holidays, couples may be weighing the issue of whether or not they want to leave their spouse. Whether you have recently been divorced and will be spending the holidays on your own for… Read More »

What Constitutes Aggravated Child Abuse in Alabama? Smith & McGhee

What Constitutes Aggravated Child Abuse in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

A conviction for child abuse can carry very serious consequences. For individuals who are not the full-time custodians of their child and share custody with an ex, a child abuse conviction could threaten their right to spend time alone with their child. Courts might even impose a restraining order, barring a parent from being… Read More »

Alabama Protective Order Law Firm - Smith & McGhee

What Are the Consequences of Being the Subject of an Alabama Protective Order?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Recently, we posted some information on what constitutes stalking in the State of Alabama, and the possible criminal penalties that you can face if you’re convicted of misdemeanor or felony stalking. Becoming the subject of a protective order, also referred to as a restraining order, is another possible consequence for those facing stalking accusations… Read More »