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Drunk Driving and Car Accidents - Smith & McGhee

Drunk Driving Accidents and Injuries

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Car accidents are a leading cause of death; drunk driving is a leading cause of car accidents. In Alabama, the problem is especially grave, as there were more than 3,100 people killed in drunk driving accidents from 2003-2012, as reported by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The same source indicates that… Read More »

Dothan Auto Accident Firm - Smith McGhee

What To Say To Your Insurance After An Accident

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Alabama is a “fault” state when it comes to auto accidents. That means the insurance company of the party responsible for causing the accident must legally pay claims for injuries and property damage. You will either file a claim with your own insurance company or with the other party’s insurance company, called a third-party… Read More »

Preparing for an IME - Smith & McGhee - Dothan Injury Law Firm

Tips to Help Prepare for an IME

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

It’s common practice with personal injury claims for the insurance company representing the other party to request the injured person to submit to an independent medical examination, also known as IME. If you have recently filed a claim, you should expect a call from an insurance adjuster to schedule the appointment. The purpose of… Read More »

motorcycle accident alabama - Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers - Smith & McGhee

Common Motorcycle Accidents in Alabama and How to Stay Safe

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than is driving, or riding in, a passenger car. To be sure, should a crash occur, a motorcyclist has few protections, including the lack of a seatbelt, the lack of airbags, and the lack of doors or a frame to protect the motorcyclist and secure them within… Read More »

School Bus Safety in Alabama - Smith & McGhee

Back to School – School Bus Safety at the Bus Stop and On the Roadways in Alabama

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that the school bus is the safest means of transportation for getting your child to school, claiming that riding the bus is much safer than traveling by car. In fact, while it is true that fatal school bus accidents do occur (there are about four to six children… Read More »

Five Things to Consider Before Divorce in Alabama - Smith & McGhee

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Your Divorce

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Starting divorce proceedings can be an emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience. You may be pondering if you really need a divorce attorney. It may make sense to try to go it alone and use online resources or kits as a way to save both time and money. The following reasons may preclude you from… Read More »

No Fault Divorce in Alabama - Smith & McGhee

What Is a “No-Fault” Divorce in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

When it comes to filing for a divorce, there are grounds, or reasons, as to why the divorce is occurring. Generally speaking, one of the spouses is found to be at fault, or responsible for the divorce. Typical grounds for divorce include the following: Abandonment/desertion – A spouse leave the household and has no intentions… Read More »

Mental & Emotional Trauma and Car Accidents - Smith & McGhee

Mental and Emotional Trauma Suffered After a Car Accident

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Car accidents are frightening and victims can relive that fright over and over again. The mental and emotional effects may hide for months or even years. Gradually, the aftermath of a car collision can make it hard for them to function within their family, make it difficult to effectively do their job and could… Read More »

Divorce in Alabama - Dothan Divorce Law Firm

Grounds for Divorce in Alabama

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Filing for divorce in Alabama is something that no couple enters their marriage planning to do. However, when a marriage dissolves to the point that love and cooperation are irretrievable, filing for divorce may be the only option that a couple has. If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Alabama, understanding the… Read More »

Can Child Be Adjusted In Alabama - Smith & McGhee

Can Child Support Be Adjusted in Alabama?

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Divorcing parents work hard to reduce the impact that this life change has on their children. Moms and dads do whatever it takes to make sure their children’s lives remain as normal as possible. Most non-custodial parents treat regular child support payments as an essential of parenting. A 2012 report showed over $24 billion was paid… Read More »