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vacation driving safety - Smith & McGhee

Safe Vacation Driving Tips

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Summer vacation and road trip season is upon us. If you’re planning a day trip or something longer with family, you should understand the dangers you may face. The Department of Transportation reports that summer, not winter as many believe, is the most dangerous driving season. There are more fatal accidents from the summer… Read More »

divorced and moving - Child Custody - Smith & McGhee

Rights of Non-Custodial Parents

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Our society has become increasingly mobile, but this can create complications under certain circumstances. What was once a simple move to be closer to family, go to school, or take advantage of a job opportunity can turn into a tense custody dispute when parents are divorced. If you are divorced and have minor children… Read More »

how to hire a divorce attorney - Smith & McGhee

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney in Alabama

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Whether you have decided to initiate a divorce, or you have recently received a divorce petition from your spouse, hiring the right attorney is essential to the outcome of your case. Choosing an inexperienced divorce attorney or attempting to represent yourself could have consequences that you will need to live with for many years…. Read More »

swimming pool safety and children - Smith & McGhee

Pool Safety and Premises Liability

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

The statistic is sad but true. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death of children between the ages of one and four. Because children can slip under water in an instant, it’s essential that an adult supervise them in or near water always. Of course, a toddler or preschooler should never be in… Read More »

Alabama Injury Attorneys - Smith & McGhee

5 Tips to a More Successful Injury Claim

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

It’s commonly known that insurance companies will take every measure possible to avoid paying compensation after you have an accident. An insurance company is in business to make money, so payouts to accident victims cut into their profits. Denying claims and shortchanging people isn’t right, but these unscrupulous practices are just one more thing… Read More »

how to avoid pedestrian accident - Pedestrian Accident Attorney - Smith & McGhee

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Pedestrian accidents are a severe problem in the state of Alabama. In fact, a 2018 report published at states that Alabama ranks eighth highest in the country in number of pedestrian deaths. The article also mentions that more pedestrians are being killed in motor vehicle accidents today than at any other time in the past… Read More »

myths about seatbelts - Accident injury law firm - Smith & McGhee

Myths About Wearing Seatbelts

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

When you get behind the wheel of a car you automatically increas your risk of accident or death to some extent. To be sure, car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the United States, and even the safest of drivers often become accident victims. There are several things that you… Read More »

Dothan DUI lawyer - Smith & McGhee

DUIs and Spring Break in Alabama and Florida

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Traveling to the Gulf Coast areas of Alabama and Florida is popular during spring break since it is close to many southern colleges and universities. Spring break is viewed as a rite of passage among many young adults, but it can be a dangerous time as well thanks to the heavy drinking and partying… Read More »

spring break injury attorney - Smith & McGhee

Causes of Spring Break Accidents and Injuries

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Now that winter is winding down, and temperatures are on the rise, the places with the best weather are gearing up for an influx of Spring Break visitors. Each year, hundreds of thousands of college students and families converge on some of the most popular destinations for a week of relaxation and celebration. Unfortunately,… Read More »

Dothan Auto Accident Firm - Smith McGhee

Types of Collisions

By Smith & McGhee, PC |

Innocent victims often suffer the consequences when another driver is negligent or careless in their actions on the road. If you or someone you love has been involved in a collision caused by another driver, there’s a good chance you have experienced significant damages. At Smith & McGhee, PC, our skilled personal injury attorneys… Read More »