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Attorneys experienced in all aspects of domestic abuse cases

Many families in Alabama are torn apart when domestic violence allegations surface during divorce proceedings or other situations. People who have suffered abuse or whose children have suffered abuse may be afraid of their ex-spouses. Some allegations of abuse may be exaggerated or fabricated in order to affect the outcome of a divorce or to retaliate against an ex-spouse or intimate partner.

You may be hesitant to leave a violent household because you are afraid that your spouse’s violent behavior against you or your children will escalate. In cases like this, it may be possible for you to seek a protective order against your spouse in order to keep them from contacting you or harming you or your family any more. You may also be able to file criminal charges.

There are two perspectives in all domestic issues, including in cases where one person accuses a spouse or other family member of abuse. You may fear your custody and visitation rights are in jeopardy because your spouse has said you harmed them or your children. You may also face criminal charges if your spouse goes to the police with their allegations, which could result in significant jail or prison terms. This may affect not just your relationship with your children but also your career and some of your rights.

Our attorneys believe that all members of a family deserve a safe, fair resolution after allegations of abuse. Whether you are attempting to move on from a violent relationship or whether an intimate partner or the parent of your children has accused you of abuse, we may be able to help you protect yourself and your rights during family court or criminal court proceedings. If you would like more information about our services, please see our page on domestic violence.

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