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Assault charges in Alabama

If you have been charged with assault in Alabama, the penalties you will face depend on the level of the offense charged. Assault charges can originate from a physical fight, incidents involving motor vehicles or incidents involving firearms. You may be facing anywhere from misdemeanor to major felony charges with the potential of jail or even prison time.

The state treats assault cases very seriously, and courts often impose harsh penalties when people are convicted. For that reason, it is important that you provide a vigorous defense against the allegations. You may need to hire an investigator to interview any witnesses and then begin building your defense case.

If you were involved in a physical altercation, you may be charged either with misdemeanor or third-degree assault, but if the injuries were more severe, you could instead be facing felony assault charges in the first or second degree, potentially exposing you to lengthy prison sentences. You may instead be facing menacing charges in which the state alleges you made another person experience fear of imminent bodily harm purposefully.

At our law firm, our attorneys begin building our clients’ defense cases from the very first meeting. We understand the importance of identifying and locating any witnesses who may have seen what occurred. As there are often two sides to a story, we take that into account. Sometimes, our clients may have simply been trying to defend themselves against aggressors, while in other cases, we find that the victims have not told their stories truthfully. No matter what, we work hard to lessen the impact that assault charges may have on our clients’ lives. In order to provide better assistance to people who are charged with assault offenses, we have compiled additional information on our assault defense page that you might find helpful.