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Any violent or weapons-related charge needs a vigorous defense

In our last post, we discussed some of the laws and statistics pertaining to felons who are in possession of a firearm. That post brings up the important point of gun control and violent crimes. One of the reasons for Alabama gun control laws is to try and minimize the chance that a violent crime will occur. The laws are aimed at keeping people safe.

We know that there are times when a law-abiding citizen will have to use a gun in a way that might be construed as a violent crime. When that occurs, the person might face criminal charges related to the weapon. All weapons charges are serious charges that deserve a vigorous defense. We are here to help you build that defense in an effort to fight the charges.

Convictions of crimes that are considered violent, such as weapons crimes, can prevent the person who was convicted from being able to possess firearms. For example, a person who is convicted of burglary or assault with intent to rob, can’t own a pistol in Alabama.

When you consider the serious penalties that you face if you are convicted of a weapons crime, you can see why it is vital that you present a defense. The same is true if you are facing any sort of violent crime, including assault or robbery.

We don’t want you to fight your charges alone. We can stand by your side and work on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected and that you understand your options at each step in the criminal justice process.