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Alabama woman taken into custody on school campus

A 52-year-old woman has been apprehended in a Feb. 25 incident at an elementary school in Elberta. The woman faces weapons charges in the case although she never fired the gun in her possession.

According to authorities, the woman attempted to gain entrance to the school cafeteria. She was allegedly looking for her sister concerning a domestic violence situation. Upon entering the facility, the woman reportedly showed her weapon. As she found and confronted the sister, she allegedly made threats about killing her. Witnesses in the building reported hearing sounds that were similar to gunfire, but the sounds actually resulted from the woman banging on a window and door.

The woman left the cafeteria, encountering authorities outside. She has been held without bail, charged with burglary, terrorist threats, and possession of a deadly weapon. Investigators, meanwhile, have reported that they have not found any evidence of the weapon being fired.

The criminal defense strategy for an individual who is held on weapons charges might vary based on the circumstances of a case. In some situations, allegations of a weapon being fired inappropriately might be difficult to prove if evidence cannot be provided to substantiate the charge. Possession of a weapon in a prohibited location could be difficult to prove if the character of a witness is questionable. In cases with sketchy evidence, a defense lawyer might seek the dismissal of some or all charges. However, strong supporting evidence for charges might warrant consideration of a plea deal. It can be important for a defendant facing such charges to work with a criminal defense lawyer in order to ensure that an appropriate defense strategy can be coordinated.

Source: WKRG, “Armed woman arrested at Elberta Elementary”, Feb. 26, 2015