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Alabama veteran facing federal weapons charge

According to law enforcement authorities with the Madison Police Department, a Madison man was arrested on federal weapons charges. The incident occurred on March 11 after the man’s girlfriend reportedly called 911 requesting help.

Reportedly, the man’s girlfriend called because she thought the man was not acting normally. Police responded, finding him lying in bed and apparently disoriented. The girlfriend told officers the man had allegedly consumed several different prescription drugs.

Officers then searched the house, finding an illegal shotgun. They also reportedly found what appeared to be a pipe bomb. The man was detained and taken into custody. According to the man’s friends, he is a veteran who fought in the Middle East. His friends reported that the man has been struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder ever since he returned from fighting. There is no word on whether the man remains in custody or if bond has been set in his case.

It is unfortunate that so many veterans end up being involved in the criminal justice system after fighting for the country. People who develop PTSD may also feel paranoia, and the PTSD should be treated rather than the person’s being prosecuted. In the event a person is facing weapons charges, he or she may benefit by seeking help from a criminal defense attorney. In this man’s case, a defense attorney might challenge the officers’ search of the home. If they searched it without a warrant and without consent, the evidence in the case might be suppressed. In order to seek suppression, the attorney may file an evidentiary motion to secure a hearing on the issue. An attorney might also be able to negotiate an alternative plea in lieu of a jail sentence. In some cases, it might be possible to secure a dismissal of charges in exchange for mental health or other treatment.

Source: WTVM, “Madison man facing federal weapons charges for illegal shotgun,” Lauren Bale, March 16, 2015