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Alabama relatives facing drug distribution charges

An Alabama mother and son were taken into custody on charges related to drug distribution. The pair was taken into custody on Interstate 65 on July 27 following an investigation by the Cullman Narcotics Enforcement Team. According to an agent with CNET, officers made a controlled purchase of Oxycodone from the pair. Both were charged with drug trafficking and unlawful distribution of a controlled substance.

Initially, the mother and son were living at the mother’s home in Vinemont. The son now has a new address in Crane Hill, say CNET agents. Both defendants had bond set at $1 million. The mother made bail and was released. The son remains in custody at a detention center located in Cullman County.

The penalties for a drug-trafficking conviction may be severe and can include prison time, fines, community service and probation. In addition, individuals with a drug-related conviction on their criminal records may have more difficulty furthering their education or finding gainful employment.

A criminal defense attorney might review a defendant’s case to see if there are any grounds to fight the case or have it dismissed in court. For example, an overzealous law enforcement agents may induce a person to arrange for a drug sale. If the person would not ordinarily sell drugs, the officers’ actions might constitute entrapment. If the attorney makes a strong case for entrapment, the prosecutor may drop the case, or the judge may dismiss it.

If there is no indication of entrapment and the evidence seems solid otherwise, the attorney may suggest a plea agreement. In drug cases, prosecutors may be willing to negotiate a favorable plea deal in exchange for information or a guilty plea. This may result in a conviction on record but allows the defendant to avoid a trial.

Source: Cullman Times, “Mother, son arrested on drug charges”, Zach Winslett, August 01, 2014