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Alabama police take teen into custody in murder case

Police in Birmingham announced on Dec. 30 that a 17-year-old male was taken into custody and charged with the murder of a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver. Authorities say that the 63-year-old male driver was killed while making a delivery to District at the Summit apartments. The teen taken into custody in this case was also charged in another incident involving a Papa John’s delivery driver.

Police say that the teen is being charged as an adult in the Domino’s case with capital murder. The family of the slain man said that they were relieved after the announcement was made.

An individual who has been charged with murder may wish to talk to a criminal defense attorney. Talking to an attorney may allow anyone facing charges to develop a viable defense to the accusations in court. It may also be possible to establish a plea agreement to avoid some or all penalties associated with the charge. In a capital murder case, extreme penalties are likely to follow, potentially including life imprisonment in addition to the fallout in one’s personal life.

Plea bargains are usually negotiated when the prosecution’s evidence is compelling and the defendant wishes to avoid trial while mitigating the penalties they face. If the court pushes for a full trial, however, an attorney may be able to offer their assistance by assisting with the issuance of public statements, attendance at hearings and the development of a defense that seeks to lessen the severity of the consequences upon potential conviction.

Source: WBRC, “Birmingham PD arrest 17-year-old in killing Domino’s Pizza delivery driver“, Brianne Britzuis and Karen Church, December 30, 2014