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Alabama meth bust results in 7 arrests

According to law enforcement personnel with the Morgan County Drug Task Force, seven people were detained on March 11 for allegations of manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine. The seven were taken into custody following an eight-month investigation.

Reportedly, officers learned that group members were purchasing cold medications and then bringing it to a home in Hartselle for use in the manufacture of methamphetamine. It is alleged that as many as 10 different people were involved in supplying the pseudoephedrine-containing medications. Officers believe that the woman who resided in the home was at the head of the alleged manufacturing operation. Upon receiving the cold medications, officers allege the woman would then use it to cook into methamphetamine.

Officers with the Sheriff’s Office reportedly were able to make several controlled purchases of methamphetamine from the woman during the course of the investigation. After obtaining warrants for her, officers then allegedly learned several others inside of the home also had outstanding meth-related warrants. When the warrants were executed, officers found two children, ages 11 and 14, inside. The children were turned over to the custody of the Morgan County DHR. One person in the home was detained on a single minor charge of loitering in a drug house, and her bond was set at $300. The remaining six face multiple felony charges with bonds ranging from $100,000 to $670,000.

Alabama criminal law statutes treat drug manufacture and distribution offenses extremely harshly. A person who is facing such allegations may need to mount a defense as early in the process as possible. A criminal defense attorney can be helpful in determining certain strategies that could be used to combat the charges.

Source: WHNT, “7 arrested in Morgan County meth bust, 2 juveniles found in home,” Drew Galloway and Meredith Miller, March 12, 2015.