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Alabama man faces series of burglary charges

About 200 miles northwest of Dothan is Jefferson County, Alabama. That’s where a man has been charged in a series of property crimes in three towns in the county.

The 24-year-old faces a long list of criminal allegations that could result in significant time behind bars if he is convicted of all charges. 

Criminal accusations against the Pell City man include two counts of first-degree property theft, three counts of second-degree theft of property and five counts of third-degree burglary, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Deputies began their investigation about two months ago after burglaries were reported in the communities of Johns, Warrior and Corner.

They said they learned that a man had been taking items apparently stolen in the burglaries to an area pawn shop. Police were called to the shop, but the suspect left before they arrived. However, police said they were able to identify him and his vehicle, though they did not say how the IDs were made.

Items pawned that day allegedly linked him to four burglaries in the county.

Last month, deputies said they obtained information that indicated the suspect was at his mother’s Pell City apartment, where he was soon arrested.

The man reportedly told police that he had burglarized four homes. He was booked into county jail, with bail set at a total of $156,000.

In similar situations, it serves a person better to decline to discuss evidence or allegations with police until the suspect has had a chance to meet with a criminal defense attorney. The attorney can help a defendant understand legal options that might reduce charges or minimize penalties.  

Source:, “Arrest made in spate of Jefferson County home break-ins,” Carol Robinson, Feb. 25, 2014