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Alabama man faces felony assault after alleged stabbing incident

A 48-year-old man was jailed after an alleged knife attack in Tuscaloosa County. The man was detained by authorities for suspicion of a felony assault charge after the Feb. 1 incident. The men were reportedly stabbed outside of a bar and treated at a local medical center. The Tuscaloosa man was reported to have a record for various crimes and is awaiting arraignment at the time of the report.

Metro police reported to a Tuscaloosa bar after two men, aged 37 and 45 years old, had been taken to the medical center for injuries resulting from the alleged stabbing. The assault allegedly stemmed from an argument at the Alabama bar. The men were transported to a local hospital and were in stable condition at the time of the report. Witnesses pegged the accused man as the man who apparently stabbed the hospitalized men and he was issued a warrant for his arrest.

The man was brought into police custody three days later for two charges of assault in the first degree. He remains in the county jail at the time of the report. The man allegedly has a 30-year record for possession of controlled substances, domestic violence, assault, and criminal mischief. He is awaiting a $60,000 bond at the time of the report.

For those accused of assault and other violent crimes in Alabama, the penalties can include extensive fines and a lengthy jail sentence. The assistance of an attorney knowledgeable about criminal defense could be able to help the accused in a possible trial. An attorney may be capable of navigating their client through the legal proceedings and establishing a defense case in order to reduce their penalties, such as a probation in lieu of prison time.

Source:, “Tuscaloosa man arrested for allegedly stabbing two men outside a bar Saturday [update]“, Stephen Dethrage , March 03, 2014