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Alabama man detained in incident prompted by phone

According to officials in Florence, a domestic violence incident began as a man argued with his girlfriend about a phone. He reportedly attacked the woman in his apartment. The victim has indicated that she was punched in the face several times and strangled with the man’s belt when she attempted to flee. Officials also note that she was allegedly tied up with twine and held against her will for many hours. She reportedly called police when she was able to free herself.

Local officials indicated that it is only in the past three years that strangulation has been deemed a felony assault offense. The director of an area shelter expressed appreciation for the fact that law enforcement agencies have dealt aggressively with this type of offense recently. She noted that this act can become deadly even hours after an attack has concluded. Physical signs of strangulation may not be obvious, and death can occur up to 36 hours after an incident.

In this case, the man has been charged with strangulation, kidnapping and domestic violence. As he faces the legal process related to the charges, he is entitled to a fair trial. With serious penalties and potential prison time possible, it may be wise to enlist the help of a lawyer with experience defending those accused of violent crimes.

A lawyer may examine the account of the incident to determine whether the client’s civil rights have been upheld and whether evidence corroborates the charges that have been filed. Additionally, a lawyer may be able to negotiate for lesser penalties in exchange for a plea arrangement, an option that may be beneficial to both sides by limiting the time and costs involved in trying the case.

Source: WAFF, “Police: Assault, kidnap sparked by argument over phone“, Marie Waxel, June 25, 2014