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Alabama man convicted for illegally selling guns

Many people may think that online transactions offer anonymity that can make it more difficult for police to find or prosecute them for crimes. However, in some instances, technology gives officer’s the electronic trail they need to figure out who is behind certain crimes. While the subject of gun crimes may not immediately coincide with the Internet, selling illegal firearms is a serious weapons offense.

A 48-year-old Alabama man may be sentenced to as many as 15 years in federal prison after he was convicted of selling illegal guns. According to reports, the man was arrested and charged after undercover agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were able to negotiate purchasing weapons from the man. The weapons were for sale on what is known as the dark Net, which is part of the Internet’s black market.

According to reports, the man was arrested and charged after a fingerprint was listed from one of the gun packages and traced back to him. Authorities were also able to find the original owner of a .40-caliber handgun that was part of the transaction via its serial number. Officers said the gun had originally been purchased for the man’s son but was later sold through the newspaper’s classified section to the 48-year-old.

Criminal offenses involving weapons are very serious, and selling unlicensed firearms can be prosecuted as a federal offense. Having knowledgeable legal representation is critical to ensuring you completely understand the charges and possible penalties you are facing as well as what your options are in the event of a conviction.

Source: International Business Times, “Dark Net Vendor Who Sold Guns On Agora Faces 15 Years After Leaving Fingerprints On Package,” Jeff Stone, June 26, 2015