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Alabama man charged with murder

DeKalb County police recently charged a man with capital murder after he was allegedly involved in the death of a 33-year-old man who had been missing since July. According to the deceased man’s family, it was not unusual for him to vanish for days at a time, but after several weeks, they contacted the sheriff’s office in August.

Investigators say that they received assistance from several individuals on Sept. 4, and they were able to locate the body that day in a wooded area. An autopsy was conducted on the man, but the cause of death was not mentioned in the report. A sheriff, however, claimed that there was evidence of foul play and that a knife was used in the incident.

The search eventually led police to a 32-year-old Valley Head resident. The man allegedly told officers that he and the deceased had engaged in a dispute over a girlfriend when the incident occurred. Officials also claim that he sold some of the other man’s property. The accused man now faces capital murder charges, and he is being held without bail after reportedly giving a full confession. He was previously in jail on unspecified charges that are not related to these events.

A criminal defense attorney might be able to provide assistance to those who are facing murder charges. An attorney could review investigative reports to gain more insight into the case and possibly discover if police mishandled evidence or coerced a defendant into a confession, which could both lead to a dismissal of the charges. If there is substantial evidence against the accused person, however, an attorney could also potentially negotiate a plea agreement for lesser consequences as well.

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