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Alabama church official arrested for murder of his wife

It’s not often that members of the community learn that a preacher has been arrested, particularly for homicide. In a surprising twist, an Alabama preacher was recently arrested for the murder of his wife. The preacher’s wife was found stabbed to death at their home.

Over the summer, the wife’s lifeless body was discovered in the home. Following this discovery, officials detained the preacher for questioning, but the man was later released. Some months after, the preacher was attempting to board a plane that was flying out to another country, but officers apprehended him. Authorities believe that he was trying to flee the country to avoid prosecution.

However, one of the man’s representatives claimed that the suspect was flying to Germany for a religious trip that was already planned well in advance. The representative further insinuated that the defendant was not aware that a warrant was out for him in the first place. The preacher was arrested, but has not been officially charged. He is currently in jail and no bond has been granted.

A murder charge can be terrifying for defendants and can significantly impact their lives as well as their families. Generally, members in the community hold preachers to higher standards and do not expect this type of conduct to be alleged. However, just because he was arrested does not mean that he is guilty of this act. If he’s officially charged and the case moves to trial, he has the right to challenge any evidence Alabama prosecutors wish to use against him. Doing so could help protect his legal rights and his freedom.

Source: ABC News, Baptist Preacher Arrested For Wife’s Murder, Gillian Mohney, Jan. 5, 2014