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A defense attorney’s role in cases involving juveniles

In Alabama, the law provides rigorous guidelines designed to protect the rights of juveniles accused of criminal activity. At the same time, the prosecution works hard to fulfill its duty to prosecute. For families with a minor child facing criminal charges, this means a skilled yet careful touch is needed for the defense. While Alabama does not currently require special training to defend the state’s youths, it does endow these youths with the same rights and more that adult defendants enjoy.

One of the key points of Alabama’s juvenile laws gives the youth the right to defense throughout all phases of court proceedings. Specifically, juveniles have the right to proper counsel for the following:

— Before being questioned or interrogated about the charges for which the arrest occurred– During any questioning that occurs while the youth is in police custody– When the youth is detained at any detention facility or intake office– Anytime the youth appears in a courtroom delinquency proceeding– During any hearings in which modification of probation orders, custody or other legal rulings occur

The state’s concern about protecting the rights of juvenile offenders gives defense attorneys an important role in the life of a child offender. The attorney is charged not only with executing the traditional duties of an attorney but also to take additional steps if necessary to ensure the youth is treated fairly and in an age appropriate manner.

A successful juvenile defense depends upon many factors. Putting a defense attorney in your corner is the first best step to a positive outcome. Learn more about criminal defense techniques in the comprehensive pages of our firm’s website.