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5 accused of robbery after alleged carjacking incident

Five Alabama residents were taken into custody after an alleged carjacking and assault. The Houston County Sheriff’s Department detained the defendants on Jan. 15.

Although it is believed that all five individuals knew the man who was carjacked, their presumed motives and the nature of their relationship with him has not been ascertained. All of the defendants have been detained at the Houston County jail, and their bonds have been set to $60,000. Police emphasized that they are not likely to represent a threat to the public because of the specific circumstances that led to this case. The five defendants have been charged with robbery, and police say they may face additional charges as their investigation develops.

The incident is said to have taken place on Briarhill Road in the area of Dothan. Media sources say that the defendants were somehow able to gain control of the other man’s vehicle, but they were apprehended relatively soon thereafter. The man who was carjacked suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was treated at a local hospital following the incident.

A defendant accused of a federal crime may wish to enlist the services of an attorney to aid in their defense. Since prosecutors and judges often have some discretion in deciding how to charge and sentence certain cases, elements of a defendant’s background could potentially be used in his or her favor to receive a lighter sentence than would otherwise be possible. An attorney may review the documentation related to the case and attempt to weaken the prosecution’s evidence wherever possible.

Source: WSFA, “5 arrestted in Houston Co. on robbery charges,” Hunter Robinson , Jan. 17, 2015