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24 people named in drug pipeline indictment

Recent arrests in the Birmingham area have landed 16 out of 24 people named in drug pipeline activity behind bars. The investigation into the activities has been ongoing for three years. All told, 18 teams set out to arrest the individuals who were accused of being part of the drug trafficking and money laundering operation. The indictment in the case totaled 62 counts. Two of the men who were named in the indictment are members of the Trap Team Entertainment rap group.

Of the 24 people who were wanted in connection with the activities, seven were already in police custody, 16 were arrested in the string of arrests and one person still remains at large. Two of the people named in the indictment are charged only on money laundering. One person is being charged with using a telephone to facilitate drug trafficking and money laundering. The remaining 21 people named in the indictment were wanted for conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine from January 2012 through August 2015.

Authorities say the leader of the operation, a 37-year-old male, was already in custody on federal charges after he was apprehended in August with 10 kilograms of cocaine. That man and his top lieutenant led police on a high-speed chase and hid in a north Birmingham attic prior to being apprehended. They also had $20,000 in cash when they were apprehended.

The indictment also seeks to have certain assets seized through forfeiture. Five pieces of real estate, $10 million and vehicles are all named in the indictment.

The individuals who were arrested and indicted in this investigation now have to fight federal charges. They must get to work on their defense strategies as soon as possible so they aren’t too rushed as they build their cases.

Source:, “Lawmen charge 24, bust multi-million cocaine, heroin pipeline in Birmingham,” Carol Robinson, Oct. 21, 2015