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2 women face charges in Walmart robbery, homicide

Alabama news sources have reported that a man was shot and killed following an alleged robbery at a Walmart in Coden March 11. As of March 12, the two women allegedly involved face capital murder charges.

Authorities believe that the two women, 20 and 25, respectively, saw the man and his daughter at the Walmart in Tillman’s Corner, and the women allegedly followed them home. The 20-year-old is the alleged shooter. The district attorney stated that three shots were fired and that there were also three casings found in a .375 magnum that is reportedly connected to the case. The DA further stated that one shot hit and killed the father. The two women were scheduled to appear before a judge on March 13 for a bond hearing.

When a lieutenant spoke on behalf of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, he suggested that the women may not have intended to the hurt the man. He went on to say that the use of a gun introduces risk of a deadly outcome. However, when the women were taken into custody, the alleged shooter denied having killed the man.

When a client faces murder charges, a criminal defense attorney may focus on the circumstances under which a weapon is fired. Interviews that investigators may conduct with those facing charges as well as with the daughter of the deceased might provide information regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the witnesses’ statements may have an effect on the outcome of the case. The defense attorney may be able to review the statement taken and use in a case that seeks to have the charges possibly reduced.

Source: WKRG, “.375 Magnum Killed Robert Perry In Coden”, Blake Brown , March 12, 2014