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2 in custody after Alabama robbery

Officials detained two men shortly after an armed robbery in Baldwin County on Nov. 17. The 12:30 p.m. incident involved a store near Highways 181 and 98. Reports indicate that a man used a firearm to rob the store, leaving on foot afterward.

Pursuit of the individual followed as a perimeter for the area was established. The alleged robber was seen with another male, and authorities pursued on foot before taking both men into custody. Reports indicate that both individuals will face first-degree robbery charges. Reports did not reveal what role the second individual played in the incident.

Individuals involved in a similar case who face charges of robbery may be concerned about the best approach to defending themselves in view of the serious nature of the charges. An ability to establish an alibi might result in a dismissal of charges in some cases. In other situations, security video might be useful for countering accusations. The help of a criminal defense lawyer might be important for ensuring that these details are given appropriate consideration.

If a defendant is faced with strong evidence of his or her involvement in an incident, a defense lawyer may be helpful for addressing procedural issues such as search warrants. Additionally, a lawyer may be able to negotiate conditions for a plea deal in order to minimize the penalties faced. A prior record or lack thereof might play a role in the options available, but each case is based on the unique facts related to an alleged incident.

Source:, “Fish River Pride store robbed at gunpoint, two men apprehended”, Liz Nelson, November 17, 2014